UK Social Media Accusations

Since 2013 just started, we feel it’s only right to find out how the UK is fairing in terms of social media. Every country in the world has shown tremendous growth in the usage of social media platforms. In fact, Facebook accounts have reached thirty three million, which is a significant increase of three million…

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Social Media Research – Tips


At this day and age, people use social media every day of our lives without most even knowing it. The term social media has so much evolved that the definition became broader just like it did on the internet. People use it mainly to communicate, or be informed of the news, to be updated with…

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Getting a Social Media Course


Social media is very popular and helpful to almost everyone. People can be connected and they can interact with other people using social networking sites. This is very useful because people who are connected online can still be in some ways with their family, friends or relationships wherever parts of the world they may be.…

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We are social

Humans are social in nature. Karl Marx also said statements about this topic once himself, that we are social indeed. It may even be traced back as far as thousands of years ago when we humans are still at our early stages on this world. Going far back at a time where humans still roam…

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social media companies

Early morning before I get any work done the first few things I take a look at are my e-mail and my social networking accounts. Social media companies have now made sure that we use their products anytime we want and as often as we want. As of this moment I’m not quite sure what…

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Social Advertising

Social advertising has been magnificent year after year after year. It has grown in proportion with the amount of time a person spends on the internet. Studies have shown that since 2009, an average American’s internet use has doubled over every year since. One can just imagine the growth in a market experiencing a flood…

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