Internet Marketing Social Media and Mobility


Right now, what statistics firms say about internet browsing is that it’s an even 50/50 split between desktop and mobile devices. By the end of this year, the surge of mobile technology devices is sure to overtake the looming pc business. Some folks say it’s about time. PC makers have been asleep for far too…

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Power Up Your Blog – Integrate Social Media


So you’ve decided that a blog is what you should have. You’ve just realized that a portfolio or a business simply cannot move forward without having a blog to influence people with. To add to that, blogs aren’t fully utilized when social media aren’t integrated into them. The desire to start blogging comes to all…

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Impact of Social Media on Business


This week is National Small Business Week. Because of it, I had an urge to dig up some recent studies concerning the state of digital marketing to small and medium sized businesses. I just became curious if the bustling landscape of social media reflects the true impact of social media on business. It’s been a…

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Social Media Solution for SEO Dilemma

Trying to balance SEO and user experience when you’re involved with internet marketing is as old a question as how to balance time between work and family. It’s a tough question that all of us in the internet marketing industry has to face. Ideally (and this is what Google is trying to suggest), the two…

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Social Media Sites List: Marketing Strategies


According to a recent survey, small business entrepreneurs naturally know the marketing power of social media. However, most of them are lacking in some aspects of marketing that would allow them to maximize their brand’s presence on certain social media sites. Because, as any seasoned social media marketer would tell you, applying the same strategies…

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Email Marketing: Using Social Media for Business


Instead of sending direct mail packages that would normally cost hundreds of dollars, businesses see the great advantage of email marketing as a way of sending out mass of emails to thousands of subscribers. Other than the cost of subscribing to an email marketing system, sending mails to thousands of people will not cost anything.…

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Elevating Your Social Media Campaign To Higher Levels Of Success


Over the years, social media has proven to be an effective and powerful strategy for internet marketers today. So much, that today, no marketing strategy is complete without it. A successful social media campaign can prove to be the difference between a company’s product success and failure, and with the competition today proving to be…

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Be Triumphant At Social Media Industry


Today, using social media for business is no longer a choice or an option to make. It is something all business should engaged for improvement. A helpful tool for business success. Though some are still not utilizing social media, it is not quite shocking that eventually, the traditional way will be gradually fading to the…

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Small Business Social Media Strategies


Social media sites are creating so much demand in the World Wide Web and social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Google + and Twitter have helped many businesses online and offline. These businesses have acknowledged the advantages that social media can bring particularly in brand building. According to report done by a market research…

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Costly Mistakes for Corporate Social Media


Saying that you are involved in social media marketing and not daunted by the vastness of it is lying. It is safe to say that every business aspires to gain prominence in the social media space. However, the same number of businesses are finding out the unique challenges these platforms presents. No matter how familiar…

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