Social Networking List


SAN ANSELMO, CA - JANUARY 27:  In this photo i...Surfing the internet and connecting with friends through different networking sites is the latest craze nowadays. From the regular office worker to company CEO, on is surely acquainted with the fine points of social networking on the side business. Thus it is safe to deduce that more than half of humanity has included checking their tweet, their timeline or notification as part of their daily itinerary. But not just the public, most of the highly technical and modernized companies are pushing their way to have good exposure in social networking sites.

Different surveys and researches were done to come up with the top social networking list and they vary from one group assessor to another. So let me share with you the consistent top four of the general, non-specific qualifiers of the said list:

Facebook was ranked the most popular of all social networking sits and number 2 out of all the websites that can be found online. It was developed by Mark Zuckerberg and three of his friends namely Eduardo Saverin who was in charge of increasing the business, Dustin Moskovitz their programmer and Andrew McCollum responsible for the design and graphics. This small online network that started with Harvard students virally spread to other Ivy League schools now has about a billion account sign ups. Facebook which was launched on February 2004 had 41.6% followers in the U.S. as of 2010; however the site did experience taking a dive in 2011 losing seven million of its users.

Image representing Jack Dorsey as depicted in ...

Twitter was ranked second in the social networking list and 9th in the overall world website. It has a total of 250,000,000 estimated new followers every month. It was conceptualized by Jack Dorsey and was launched July 2006. It has a total of over 500 million users as of 2012, who are producing around 340 million tweets every day. And because of this Twitter was declared as the SMS of the internet since you are only allowed to post messages up to 140 characters. These tweets can be viewed by non-account holders while registered users are given the privilege to post their messages.

Pinterest has been the most wonderful surprise of this past year. Its introduction paved the way for exquisitely designed social networking sites and websites in general. It gave people a valid alternative to those big ones. Out of all the most recent surveys, it ranks among the sites with the most visits. Not only that, it’s also one of the top sites that generates a lot of outside traffic making it a top venue for marketing. The fact that it is networking solely based on thought provoking images only helps its cause and that’s one reason the marketing world is beginning to fall in love with the site.

LinkedIn is somewhat different from the first three at the top because it caters mostly to business professional and is intended purposely for professional networking. Unlike the other ones I’ve mentioned, it does not center on posting, updates or sharing of photos and videos. It is intended to help practitioners to come across sales leads, recruitment or even meet potential business partners.