Social Media Research – Tips


At this day and age, people use social media every day of our lives without most even knowing it. The term social media has so much evolved that the definition became broader just like it did on the internet. People use it mainly to communicate, or be informed of the news, to be updated with social happenings, to report, to learn and to be entertained. Some claimed specialists even says that the current definition of social media which is – “a website, application or a service which supports a two way form of communication to foster interaction across different online platforms” – doesn’t suit it anymore because of the transformation it has undergone the past few years.

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Business is one subject that has greatly been affected by the boom of social media to say the least. Online business has yet to establish a significant percentage out of all the purchases made throughout the world and still they are able to thrive. E-commerce is projected to double by the year 2015 some studies would say which would be a tremendous leap. And this is what we’re saying about a business’ potential online. That means that of all the purchases of clothes, furniture, food, tickets and a million other forms of merchandise people buy each day, we will be doing it much more on the internet in the near future. This is why companies no matter how big or small are doing their social media research. Because it wouldn’t take too long from now that the buyers or customers are walking through their store doors; people will do however on their business website.

Here are some steps to take to get your online business off the ground.


Collaborate or Connect – people go on the internet to soak up information, and where else would you get that but from other people. Make sure your site fosters interaction. Start with a blog, link your site to it and start discussions from visitors.

Focus on Superb Images – there are verbal people then there are those visual ones. Say we split the entire population by half, that’s how much you need photos in your posts. Mind you, we’re not just talking of regular photos, but striking, interesting and superb photos that grabs a visitor’s attention.

Use Social Networking Site – if your business is still not on Facebook, nor Twitter, nor any major social networking sites, then you’re hurting the business. Notice how easy it is to find new friends and old pals on those sites. Do you remember how much your friends list has grown? Why can’t you use the same platform so your business can experience the same?

Website Design – people nowadays are not going to just stay on board because your site has great content (although that is still a big part of the reason). Today a website’s design should be on par with the top sites that are most visited.

Brainstorm – ask suggestions from people from anywhere especially the visitors. It would be nice to have a place where you can pluck ideas from and you can make that. Ensure that you have the time to just think so there are constant improvements.