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The internet has definitely revolutionized our way of living. A century ago, we needed to wait for several days to receive information from a distant friend or relative, but now, due to e-mails, it is instantaneously delivered. We can now receive updates from people without any labor so much so that we sometimes forget the amount of technology needed to drive behind it. Because of the availability of the webcam and video sharing, we do not just hear from our contacts, we also catch a glimpse of them. And the list of technological advancements goes on, but one I am particularly impressed with is social media. We have achieved so much complexity on this subject that social media courses now exist.

For someone who didn’t really want to go back to school, these kinds of courses are genuinely a good alternative. The busy schedule of one’s job sometimes prevents an individual to learn more about the field they are in. This is detrimental especially if their line of work has continuous development that requires one to be updated. Marketing, sales and science are good examples of these fields. They are endlessly producing researches or surveys of new advancements or trend and the lack of partiality to this perception might cause stagnation of the company or a person.

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Surprisingly, social media courses are not limited to a few module or curriculum. As I checked the web there are tons of courses that are being offered from medical science to marketing, from learning how to navigate and take advantage of the features of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to learning a certain language like English or Niponggo. The options are endless. They accept people from juvenile age even up to old age as long as they have a computer and know how to use it and its internet connection. The schedule often presented is flexible and does not involve long hours of teaching.

These courses are not restricted for individuals; companies are also encouraged to make use of these online learning tools where both the company and employee are bound to benefit from. The employee will be able to gain more knowledge on the course that will be availed and hopefully will be translated to increase in production or sales while not leaving their premises (a room within the building is recommended as training area although a chosen outside location is also permitted). The staff after the session may immediately go back to his or her desk and complete any unfinished work. They will also be within reach anytime an urgent situation needs their attention. The business will certainly enjoy this benefit of improvement in manufacture and sales and at the same time minimize the training cost. No extra expenses for travel like plane fare, and hotel will be encountered since the entire course will be conducted within the company’s facility. The charges for these courses vary from free to $350 per delegate.

Social media is here to stay; the best thing for us to do is to avail oneself of every facet that it offers that brings us much more in return.