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B2B is not back to back, nor is it back to basics; it is a business contraction that means business to business. This has been used by business people as part of their vernacular in communicating planned transaction made with companies, distributors and wholesale buyers, while closed deals whose objective is to create sales from individual consumers are called B2C, or business to consumer.

The design developed for every marketing strategy is based on the type of audience on the receiving end. The good thing about social media is that it can accommodate both B2B and B2C business contracts. Commerce dealing with a particular consumer is easier and faster since they are only trading only a small number of products while in B2B, this usually concerns substantial volume of material thus needs more attention and focus. However, this seems to be the challenge for most social media B2B.

There are studies that show companies who spend a portion of their yearly expenses on social media marketing are still not getting the most out of the opportunity. This is because of how lightly they value the importance of social media in promotion or they lack knowledge on how to squeeze out the best results out of it.

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Reports state that more than half of B2B companies who used the internet as a marketing tool do not really address the concerns of their clients but only check on the number of comments and followers. Suggestions and recommendations made were not monitored and forwarded to the rightful person in charge. Three fourths of these companies also do not make the necessary computation or analysis of the programs laid for social media. Bottom line, there weren’t any specific monitoring and evaluation on the promotion made on the social media sites.

This is a sad event since that is the exact advantage of social media marketing as against print, billboards, television and even radio. This is the only platform that interaction with the customers is seamless. This is the only marketing program that can be immediately provide comments, suggestions and feedbacks on a product at hand and make corresponding reforms for its improvement. This actually lightens the tasks of the research and development department of businesses since it is the most precise data they could get for the analysis of the manufactured goods. It is the particular recipient already telling the creators on what they appreciate about the goods and what they wanted to experience more with it. With this data within reach, it will surely translate to bigger business demand.

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We cannot accurately blame the B2B companies on these lapses since social media B2b is still on its infancy stage. They are still trying to work around the loopholes of this marketing channel.

As more and more companies join the bandwagon of social media marketing this question is yet to be confirmed, is it really necessary for a company to include it in its yearly program? Their outlook can be viewed in this manner:

Beneficial? Comments, suggestion and feedbacks prove that they are.

Essential? Not really.