Learning the Social Media Definition


In the past I have been involved with different industries and one of them has been education. More than a career, education is a vocation where you have a calling deep inside you to be a teacher for the young generation. At least that’s what I felt when I was engaged on being a full time instructor. It is a job that really requires much more to a person than just the motivation of money. Finding success with education as your backdrop is close to impossible if your goal is financial wealth. Instead, one should develop the natural desire to see those children struggling and because of your efforts they end up doing better in the future. I guess, it’s more of an investment really. You are investing knowledge to your students and your gain is when you find out how much they became successful many years later.

I have learned the most important lesson of all during all those years I spent becoming a teacher. Do you know what it is? The lesson I’m talking of speaks about a person knowing how to learn. School is nothing more than a gym, although it is a gym for the mind. Coming from a teacher, it is not particularly important what thing you’ve learnt in school, what’s important though is you’ve practice how to learn. So that later on in your life, when there is no more black board, home works or a teacher in front of you, you’d still find a way to get your questions answered by yourself; either by looking for the answer directly of finding a person who can tell you what the answer is.

Today I’ve migrated towards the industry that’s “hot” and that is social media. No doubt the most usual question I get not only from clients, but from all those that even just passes by is “What is social media”. Sure enough social media definition even with the millions of pages and websites directly or remotely connected to it, a searcher would still find it difficult what’s the true social media definition is.

This is where all the disciplines I’ve learned in school come into practice. And if you learned what you should have learned back in your days at school, you should be able to find the answer as well. A person who is not able to look past the obvious would be in so much trouble than just finding definitions. In fact, the more we search for the meaning of social media the more we would realize that it needs a new and better definition.

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To get the meaning of social media you have to stick to guidelines so you can determine if what you have is social media. It should be having these characteristics:

An online technology (application, website or any resource found on the internet)

You are able to share it to others online

It can be used to communicate

It can serve as a tool for collaboration

Again, normally you would not be satisfied with the definition you’ll find, so it’s best to come up with the next best thing.