Mon, 28 Jul 2014 16:45:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Internet Marketing Social Media and Mobility Tue, 23 Jul 2013 22:02:32 +0000 Various mobile devices creating interoperability.Right now, what statistics firms say about internet browsing is that it’s an even 50/50 split between desktop and mobile devices. By the end of this year, the surge of mobile technology devices is sure to overtake the looming pc business. Some folks say it’s about time. PC makers have been asleep for far too long. I’ve read some incredible editorial about how PC makers don’t deserve any of our sympathy at all since they have more than a decade worth of huge profit margins to innovate, which they never did. The blame can only be cast upon themselves and nowhere else.

As a marketing consultant of more than five years, this is what I have to say to anyone who owns a business; no matter how seemingly solid your business’ foundation may be, don’t be fooled. Because in business, invulnerability has always just an illusion. Even the large tech companies who are able to develop the most productive set of CEOs in the world are now the ones chasing companies that were mere startups a few years ago. In fact, the bigger a company grows, the harder it is for it to turn on a dime. That is what history suggests. And so if you’re still banking on that old website of yours to push your business through to the next few years, you are out of luck. With the way things are going, its effectiveness would have already withered by half by the end of this year. It’s time to dump that website altogether or make drastic changes to it so that your business stays relevant when the full effect of the mobile revolution kicks in.

Use Responsive Templates

Although, this method does involve some heavy lifting in terms of IT resources, it promises a smoother transition. Switching your website to run on a responsive template means that it is given the capability to detect the device a visitor is using to view it. Hence, it is able to accommodate your site’s text, layout, images etc. to be optimised for that particular device.

Go the Minimalistic Way

Mobile friendly sites are stripped down to their essentials. If we head over to any website that is optimized for your handheld devices, we’d see right away that it is stripped of distracting graphics, flash animations and walls of texts. These situations are considered mobile friendly because it is able to make its visitors maximum functionality in such a tight screen real estate.

Keep It Fluid

If you’re to step up your game with your internet marketing social media and mobility, you have to be conscious about the layout of your website. Everything about it should have the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices in mind. That said, drop-down menus, thumb friendly buttons, non-intrusive call-to-actions, and reduced loading times should be integrated in your web site. Once you have those elements in your website, paired with the previous ones we’ve mentioned in this article, only then can you move on and solve the next marketing hurdle. And remember that an entrepreneur never sleeps in his task of innovating.

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Power Up Your Blog – Integrate Social Media Tue, 09 Jul 2013 23:29:47 +0000 before the blogger conversionSo you’ve decided that a blog is what you should have. You’ve just realized that a portfolio or a business simply cannot move forward without having a blog to influence people with. To add to that, blogs aren’t fully utilized when social media aren’t integrated into them.

The desire to start blogging comes to all of us at some point. Regrettably, the diligence that is needed to maintain it doesn’t arrive with everyone. Yes, it’s true that maintaining a blog is difficult. Coming from someone who holds five different blogs, having the passion for each niche can only make a blogger up to a certain degree. Not having the tools that successful bloggers have at their disposal is a huge limiting factor, which social media is certainly a part of.

A blogger’s desire to equip himself with useful tools and strategies should never fade. The fact that you’ve landed on this page means that you are doing your homework and may be well on your way.



List posts should populate a newly publish blog. Everybody is looking for lists several times each day. The information in them are laid out in a simple organized manner. This makes list post more shareable.

How-To’s And Tutorials

How-to posts establishes a blog as an information bank. There is no other way to get around this with the same efficacy as posting how-to’s in your blog. If you want your visitors to think of your blog as a resource they can rely upon for information regarding your niche, you have to make sure that how-to posts are visible in your blog’s early beginning.


When you require a boost in viewership, doing interviews with someone popular is a surefire way to get your analytic humming on all cylinders. Going after local celebrities, prominent tech people, and people mentioned in the news never fails. It works because their names equate to search engine queries. And if you’re quick on your feet, your blog can claim one of the top spots on the SERP results when someone tries to look up your interviewee’s name on the internet.


The internet is the go-to place whenever someone is attempting to establish his purchasing decision. Personally, when I’m thinking of buying an item that exceeds a hundred dollars’ worth, I make sure to do due diligence through the internet. The same way you want your blog associated with popular names, having products, services and places of high demand in your blog attracts people.


Notice how in social media sites the majority of shared posts are images? But people are always on the lookout for informative content right? Sure they are. They simply don’t want to deal with a wall of text. An infographic rather combines the best of both kinds, which makes them more worthy of a share.

Integrate Social Media

In blogging, it’s all about sharing and be shared these days. And there’s no other way in making sure your blog is part of the action than to integrate social media in them.

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Impact of Social Media on Business Sun, 23 Jun 2013 13:05:13 +0000 This week is National Small Business Week. Because of it, I had an urge to dig up some recent studies concerning the state of digital marketing to small and medium sized businesses. I just became curious if the bustling landscape of social media reflects the true impact of social media on business.

It’s been a while since I last took a step back from my social media evangelisation of clients to actually taking a bird’s eye look at how small and medium businesses are pacing. As I uncover some numbers that signal the health of social media with business as a whole, I notice right away indecisive trends that I’d like to point out today.

More Communication, Less Marketing

During the early years of social media, businesses were quick enough on their feet to pounce on this newfound opportunity to spread their messages across great distances at such a very cost-effective amount. We were excited in a way because the competition then was already gut wrenching, and comes along an avenue that is inexpensive, visible and it’s not hard to understand how it might work – for marketing. I was also guilty of this way of thinking.

As I look into the more successful businesses  in social media, it’s easy to recognize their good practices. Their streams, posts and timelines are best filled with communications instead of marketing.  By turning their social media profiles into group boards and not pages with sales pitches, they make them into valuable real estate where visitors and customers are not driven off by offers.

Email Works in Customer Service Too

The studies I’ve seen says that 66% of SMBs use email marketing. That is simply because the majority of that percentage is comprised of medium businesses. If we get them out of the equation, I’m betting that percentage would drop drastically if small businesses were the only ones left. What’s even more surprising is not all businesses who use emails are not using them fully. Most of them forget that having  dedicated support email helps in customer retention a lot. To add to that, in some cases when I’ve seen small businesses use email for customer service, they don’t put them out where everyone could see that email address anyway. That’s another frustrating thing I’m seeing.

Very Few Take Advantage of Content Marketing

The same survey says only 53% of SMBs have their own blogs. Hence, about half of them hardly create any content that their visitors or customers can hover around on. When satisfied with quality content, blogs can serve as a hub for social media users. They are naturally attracted and would gather around to content that has value. When you include a link on your social media post, don’t waste the opportunity of also owning the real estate on the other end. Have a blog and make your visitors and customers feel the real experience you have planned for them. You’ll have more chances of converting visitors into paying customers when you’re able to control their interaction with you from end to end.

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Social Media Solution for SEO Dilemma Wed, 19 Jun 2013 01:51:37 +0000 Trying to balance SEO and user experience when you’re involved with internet marketing is as old a question as how to balance time between work and family. It’s a tough question that all of us in the internet marketing industry has to face. Ideally (and this is what Google is trying to suggest), the two should go hand-in-hand. However, we all know that never seems to be the case.

In a nutshell, website and business owners update their websites as often as a search engine does with their algorithm. In order to please each search engine, web sites need constant tinkering for the sake of SEO. As an online entrepreneur myself, I find feel that I’m at the mercy of Google far too often. It’s in the way that they produce such drastic changes 2-3 times a year. In addition, the gravity of how those changes affect web traffic is stifling that someone in my situation doesn’t seem to accept that too many option but comply. If that sounds like a bit of a dictatorship to you, that’s because it’s precisely the point I’m trying to get across.

As marketers, we are thought right from the beginning that content should be king. Because at the end of the day, it’s your viewers, readers and customers that you have to please. But as I grow more mature, I learned that you also should consider how the search engine would feel. And that they may be more vindictive when you fail in their terms. Hence, it becomes such a stretch when you’re trying to prioritize user experience. This is where I think social media solution comes to play.

Why Does SEO And User Experience Clash?

Firstly, we have to admit that the two can coexists in some parts. Websites do however are made up of many parts and here are some that are bound to cause hard reaction when these two meet.

Visuals – until recently, Google bot have no way of deciphering images. And the ability to recognize images, is still far from being rolled out in the SERP. Therefore, Google, which we so rely on, really do not have a sense of what visual graphics are. What may be eye candy for you and I could be something entirely different from Google. As far as it’s concerned, it want’s fast loading websites with clean coding.

Keywords – Google always claimed that all you need to do is write naturally and your written content, when written in high quality should take care of itself on the web. However, we all know this is not the case. We can always stuff more keywords in there than we’d like in order to draw more visitors.

How Does Social Media Help?

When Google finally incorporates social media updates to be a part of their algorithm, it became the social media solution. It made social networking platforms more value as we use it. It’s a way to spread the word out to audiences without sacrificing SEO as we all know that social media is where people are in the network.

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Social Media Sites List: Marketing Strategies Wed, 12 Jun 2013 09:21:45 +0000 According to a recent survey, small business entrepreneurs naturally know the marketing power of social media. However, most of them are lacking in some aspects of marketing that would allow them to maximize their brand’s presence on certain social media sites. Because, as any seasoned social media marketer would tell you, applying the same strategies towards different social media websites is the same as not having a strategy at all. Each platform is different, used differently, and attracts certain markets. Hence, a business’ personality or behavior in one social media site should vary to another.

As part of the solution, I’ve decided to publish a social media sites list containing the strategies best used on each platform. It’s easy to come up with the list of most successful social media sites based on the number of visitors the service receives each month. The data is usually published for everyone to see. What’s not so visible however, are the strategies that should be used on a particular social media site.

Facebook – Close to 2 billion visits

Most marketers I meet admits that Facebook is probably the toughest social media site to do some marketing on. Unfortunately, not leveraging one’s brand with it is out of the question because it is the most popular social networking site in the world. The most successful ones use Facebook for brand awareness rather than to drive sales directly. It’s best used to put your logo or brand in front of people rather than asking them to click the ‘buy’ button. People who’s on Facebook doesn’t have the mentality to do any purchasing (something we’ve learned through time), instead they’re browsing Facebook profiles for leisure.

Twitter – 58 million visits

Next on the list is Twitter. I would suppose that marketers prefer Twitter to Facebook because people in here are not so easily irritated. A business could tweet about a certain offer or promote a product twice or even three times a day and it still wouldn’t be considered as bombardment. Try doing that on Facebook, and it’s likely that you’d be blanked out. Promoting links is best done on Twitter. It’s one of the best social media sites to drive online traffic to a blog or a website.

YouTube – 890 million visits

Video naturally is able to influence people better. Hence, a marketer is able to include a stronger call to action on this platform. Depending on the quality of the pictures you’ll present viewers, it’s very easy to get a nice impression to potential customers when you’re using this platform. You just need to be careful with the comments though. Be sure to curate it, as it could trigger negative feedback very easily.

Pinterest – 41 million visits

This image-centric social media site has soared to grab one of the top spot very quickly. Now businesses, especially the small ones have taken notice on how they can create a virtual closet for their products. Businesses have learned to utilize Pinterest for their products that leans heavily on design and aesthetics.

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The Birth of Social Media Newsroom Tue, 04 Jun 2013 08:00:45 +0000 In 2012, social media has seen its revenue growth increase by 43% from the previous year. This is based on several analysts groups who’s amazed at how much social media has gobbled traditional media. It’s no secret that the latter has seen its glory days fade. This happens while they are trying to shift into subscription-based revenue to save their businesses. Incidentally, social media sites are trying to make this kind of revenue obsolete among its ranks. Social media is pushing for big data advertising. In comparison, analysts predict subscription based revenue to produce profits only in hundreds of millions, while on the other hand; big data advertising is projected to achieve revenues of approximately 16.9 billion.

The Traditional Newsroom Is Bleeding To Death

Subscription based income can prove to be difficult. If you choose it, you’re basically choosing the same model magazines have in place for the longest time; look at where they’re going now. The health of the traditional newsroom these days is not looking good to say the least. To see a clearer picture, we should look no further than the New York Times.

The times have been hard at work in keeping their newfound savior profitable. 2012 is the year when their digital subscription first topped half a million. They’ve actually posted a gain in revenue in that area by 12%. Nevertheless, this positive trend still needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Because when we consider that their advertising business has again fallen by four percent, which it has been doing for years now, we’ll see that they are still not out of the hole yet.

Meanwhile, companies have expressed their plans to increase their marketing budget aligned for social media. They are more receptive now to what social media and its big data could bring to their business. Although, these speaks havoc to an industry (traditional media), it does however bring prosperity t another (social media).

The Birth of Social Media Newsroom

Social media seems to be pervasive enough to influence people of all nation; thus, new industries are inevitable going to come into existence. One example is the social media newsroom. This is a kind of firm that companies contact when they want to stay relevant online, which has year over year become more dominated by social media. These are newsrooms that employ social media “gurus” or experts ready to leverage social media platforms for the benefit of their clients.

Remember when the Super bowl went dark? If you were logged in during that time when half the Superdome was without light, it’s easy to remember the brands that were quickly able to turn the incident into their favor. Pepsi and Oreo were the two most prominent brands that I’m able to think of at the top of my head. Most were impressed at the speed they were able to make light of things when tension is the usual happening. Out of the impromptu event, a social media newsroom was able to craft some tweets and posts that made it to the front page of the internet.

Now the question is, would this new form of newsroom totally replace the traditional one?

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5 Social Marketing Tools You Shouldn’t Miss Sun, 26 May 2013 11:10:52 +0000 At this point, the ability to ‘curate’ or organize your content is almost as valuable as having great content altogether. Being that I have been a social media professional (yes I sit around all day in front of the computer – but I bet my computer and I can go work at places you dream of doing leisure), it’s not a stretch to say that social marketing tools meant for gathering, coordinating and arranging content is the most sought after by me and my peers. Every week, a good hour or two is spent in finding updated our brand new tools to make the thing that we do easier. At least that’s how much time I spend on ‘hunting’ for new tools to aid my work, I know of some fellows who all locate much more than that.

I wouldn’t blame them really. In a career where most of your day is spent competing with some of the world’s most internet savvy, you’ll welcome as much help as you can find. Here are some of them:

This new service exists to provide people with an easy avenue from where content creators may find relevant content quickly. Is there a better way to acquire things than to have it delivered to you? This is exactly what does. After you’ve chosen a topic, it will scour the web and will harvest the best collection of articles, multimedia and various other contents. It will then streamline what it found in your account. It even gathers tweets! From there, finding inspiration for your next content or updating your website or blog with something new yet relevant is made a bit easier.


Not only is this image based social network able to climb the popularity chart in a record breaking pace, it also paved a new way for image curators. As marketers, we all should know that images always play a vital role in everything we publish. So if you’re looking for a place online where sharing, finding and organizing content is at its easiest, leverage your business with Pinterest.


Zemanta is a tool I personally can’t live without especially since I do most of by blogging through WordPress. If you’re another WordPress minion like me, this plugin can cut your publishing and content curating time by several minutes.


The service lets you skim through longer content that is trending on the web. From there on, creating your own is made a bit easier by the service. What I personally like best about it is that embedding is such a breeze. Hence, you content is pushed forward closer to being viral.


Any internet marketer can tell you that lists are a natural part of our diet. Our day won’t be complete if we weren’t being overwhelmed by some kind of list. To give you an idea, here is what I’m looking at daily, a long list of guest blogs candidates URL, titles for articles, email lists, keywords list, client list etc… Having said that, we’re naturally adept at coming up with lists. List.LY is a service that lets us leverage our marketing with lists.

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The Role of Internet Marketing Social Campaigns Mon, 13 May 2013 23:59:51 +0000 Social media is now indispensable every time there is a conversation on internet marketing going about. When combined, it serves an an effective way of advertising your business towards a goal of increasing profit. It is an inbound marketing approach used by many entrepreneurs because of its high response rate from targeted and potential customers. It can be smart, cost-effective and perfect way to bring in more customers to your business to make more money. Since mobile marketing is more personalized, many have chosen this kind of advertising strategy to promote their business including organizations, service providers, big corporations and small businesses.

Set Clear Objectives

Before launching an internet marketing social campaign, set clear objectives first so you will know what you want to achieve and get an idea of what the outcome of your social media campaign would be. Determine the purpose why you want to launch a mobile marketing application. Is it for your company’s visibility, increasing profit from loyal customers or you want to do another marketing approach that would entice more potential buyers for your offers. Use these objectives to keep you at motivation towards a successful business strategy that can let in more money.

Social Media to Increase Business Visibility

Many businesses find social media marketing as a new and cost effective solution to increase their company’s visibility and to boost income. It is one of the best ways for businesses to be seen and because this kind of marketing strategy offers something that is unique with the other forms of advertising and promotional campaigns, a lot of people in online and offline businesses are seeing social media as the new frontier for their businesses. Do not let good opportunities to increase your business’ visibility pass you by only because of technical issues. Obtain some ideas on how to make your business social media profiles more effective. Gather strategies and tips on how to engage and attract more people to your pages.

Infographics, images and videos are all great addition to your business website. People love those types of content; hence, it could bring in more customers to your site. These types of content further helps in your main objective of bringing in more customers to your business.

Social Media’s Value in Internet Marketing

Many have seen the value of social media for businesses. Social media sites encourage social interaction. It allows users to engage on product reviews, topics and relevant news. A lot of business owners are now seeing how they can benefit from these social networking sites. Businesses of any size can benefit from social media but if recent history would tell us, it’s obvious that it is especially beneficial for small businesses. Social media does a great job at attracting local customers, which are the main target of small businesses. Encouraging the sharing functionality of social media sites to your followers is a great way to agitate the market and produce results. It acts as the modern word of mouth marketing, whereas customers are brought by your existing customers through what they say.

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Best Social Media Marketing for Your Business Tue, 07 May 2013 14:45:31 +0000 A social media profile or page with no interaction among its followers and fans is as good as nothing. More likely, the time will come that the page you have created for your business or company perhaps will soon die out and will be left behind especially with the viable spirit of your  thousand competitors.

A profile page is your vital key to reaching out valuable audience and acquiring prospective customers for your business. It is your most helpful virtual portal to the world and your easiest way to communicate and get known throughout the world. Though it is quite risky and tiresome to handle all responsibilities carried out by this plan, rigid planning and careful decisions are made perfect so that success can be attained by everyone after. However, sometimes, manual efforts are not enough to attain the desired goals you need for your business. Needless to say, there always comes a time that no matter how much efforts you put on a certain project just to make the desired outcomes, your efforts alone is not enough to make it successful. Sometimes, it needs a little help of software or tools to completely manage all the tasks that are given to you.

Recently, social media marketers found out that generating website traffic is their greatest challenge. This happens because of the tons of competitors every business has and making your page rightly be visible online creating website traffic instantly is far way a very difficult task. While some just give up on making this challenge get through, others are finding ways to solve this and one great solution for this is by utilizing best social media marketing. Website traffic software is useful for creating buzz on the internet making your profile or page be visible in the online community in no time. There are lots of website traffic software you can use to help you in creating web traffic. Some software are free, some are not and some software offers trial versions. No matter what type you choose, all of these are valuable and important to the success of your business. One of the web traffic software is the Viral Traffic Denominator. This website traffic generator is unique and highly stands out among the rest because it actually has lots of functions besides creating web traffic.  It offers viral advertising and provides solo emailing as well making your job a lot easier.

What makes the software more plausible is that it’s user friendly and it only takes three easy steps to use it. These are the three steps that will guide you to use the traffic generator.

  1. Input the website URL of your business into the Viral Traffic Dominator Link Generator to create viral advertising. It automatically transforms the URL you input into a viral traffic denominator link.
  2. Utilized the viral traffic denominator link you’ve just made instead of the original website URL of your business. This way, every time your links are clicked, you will then directly earn website traffic.
  3. Make use of your Viral Traffic Denominator Ad Generator by creating and posting ads to your page. When your ads are visited by some other users, it will then drive traffic to your site.
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Email Marketing: Using Social Media for Business Wed, 17 Apr 2013 03:18:01 +0000 Der Loyalitätskreislauf (Marketing, E-Marketing)Instead of sending direct mail packages that would normally cost hundreds of dollars, businesses see the great advantage of email marketing as a way of sending out mass of emails to thousands of subscribers. Other than the cost of subscribing to an email marketing system, sending mails to thousands of people will not cost anything. That’s why it has been used by small, medium to large companies for services and product promotion. The same way as social media for business, email marketing is experiencing a boom.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools can help businesses grow by boosting sales and improving customer engagement. These tools are contact management systems that allow small and medium agencies and businesses to create newsletters, capture email addresses and sending out massive emails to loyal and potential customers. With the use of the best email marketing tools, you can already create beautiful and professional emails and newsletters even without much knowledge on the advanced technical aspects.

By using email marketing tools, it will be a lot easier to capture email addresses and names from visitors of the site. Collecting, verifying and confirming email addresses will take a lot of time and through the automated process provided by these tools, website owners can save time since email marketing tools can help simplify the maintenance of email contacts.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is not just about sending mails and newsletters about your business products and services. It is an effective tool that can help bring targeted traffic to your website. It is preferred by many entrepreneurs because sending mails to targeted clients does not cost anything. It is used so businesses can stay in contact with customers and potential buyers or to make an announcement of an upcoming event or special offers.

To make your email marketing campaign more effective, think about an appealing subject line that will catch the reader’s attention. Emails can easily be deleted without being opened but with a subject line that is captivating, your email won’t be ignored.

Do not spam inboxes. Make sure that your mails contain relevant information and a considerable amount of content or else, they’ll end up being in spam folders. Make email marketing more efficient and effective by getting an auto responder that can act like 24/7 salesman that will help give you leads through email and updated information about the services and products being offered by your company.

Keep your mails and messages varied because your recipients will most likely ignore mails with content that sounds like overselling products/services. Send messages containing only relevant information and keep your subscribers updated with current news and stories about your business.

Email Marketing Benefits

Compared to other advertising tools, email marketing is relatively inexpensive because sending mails to hundreds and even thousands of subscribers will not require you to pay anything except for the email marketing system subscription. In terms of ROI, the use of email marketing as means for product and service promotion prevail over other marketing channels such as social media, internet search advertising, direct marketing and sending direct mail packages through a postal service.

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