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Dell Business to Business Social Media Huddle

Yesterday, I went out of the house and into the open. I live about 2 hours away from a major city and since I’ve been into home based jobs for a while now, I’ve only lately realized that I haven’t yet spent time strolling around the metro now that I’ve got this online work going. I’ve been spending too much time online that I’m forgetting the offline aspect of life. So, the first thing I did when that thought came about was to look up a new establishment that I haven’t been into because it has not existed yet before I started to subject myself to solitary confinement (I looked it up on the internet of course – I know). Before walking out the door, there I was mulling over if I’m going to take a laptop with me, thankfully I thought that enough is enough and that I’m not going to let my digital self take over all of the decision making.

This kind of scenario I’m sure is one of the funny scenes of most online entrepreneurs, internet marketers, web developers, folks whose jobs are related to social media and basically all people whose career revolves around the internet. I’m not alone at saying that times do arrive when one is not sure anymore if he is still within the balancing act of living his real and digital life.

Anyway, so there I was walking with the crowd. Walking felt good and I intend most of the day away since I’ve felt that my health was yearning for it. As I walk pass by different establishments though, I can’t keep the online marketer in me to kick into gear. I noticed every individual walking through the doors of an actual shop to inspect the items the business is selling. I thought about shops that can boast a crowd going in compared to those who has minimal. It sound funny but living off how the internet traffic goes and doing a lot of learning trying to control it can make someone have a double vision of how foot traffic works in the real world.

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Looking at those physical establishments made me compare them to their digital counterparts. Questions came about like: are they still doing 100% of their marketing efforts with offline media; have they ever tapped into the power of online networking and its effectiveness not only with the consumer side of things but also with how they’re business to business strategies are going.

B2B social media spurs a great deal of topic around the internet. Of course, most internet users are not aware of this since B2B discussions are often done in particular forums that normal people have yet to stumble into. B2B dealing doesn’t exactly pop out of the Facebook timeline (sorry but it’s not that easy).

I wondered that no matter how successful these stores seem right now, if they still haven’t invested a speck of time with social media and online marketing, that they may soon lose that glamour. The shift of how shopping would soon be done on the internet is unstoppable and they’d be left out.